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Back Care Course

An introduction to back care for adults living with back pain. Learn movements and routines to help you have more flexibility and less pain every day.

Course Summary

This beginner Back Care course is for adults living with (lower) back pain. You will be right at home here if you are brand new to Pilates or need a refresher.

Your teacher, Trish Soper-Powell, was born in Australia although she lives in the UK. Trish has taught Pilates for over 10 years and she specialises in helping middle-aged adults and older to stay active with Pilates exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Join in as we help you better understand how your body moves and provide you with a specific set of Pilates exercises and short routines designed to help improve your movement and reduce your (lower) back pain.

There's plenty in the course, but we guide you every step of the way with short video tutorials and downloadable guides you can print and keep. Take a look through the course contents below.

Course Curriculum

Trish Soper-Powell

Movement Specialist

For more than 10 years, I have dedicated myself to helping people understand their bodies and get the most out of life with a balance of the right nutrition and exercise. I look forward to meeting you.

Ryan Soper-Powell

Tech Whisperer

I work behind the scenes to make sure you enjoy an intuitive, easy-to-use experience. It's my passion to help small business owners like Trish bring their skills and experiences to the wider world.

What our clients say

"Trying to self learn correct posture and understand what helps was tough. Trish is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Her classes are a journey of discovery learning how to get the most out of your body with safe guidance."
Sarah E.
"I was becoming more round shouldered and losing my abdominal strength. I knew something was happening after the first session. Trish provides clear instructions and very clear guidance on when not to do something!"
Anne S.
"I went from being in severe discomfort, spending the whole evening lying on the lounge floor to walking 50km per week and rowing 25km per week."
Chris H.
"The online classes really work for me as a mother with a young child. I would have struggled to meet up in person even if we were allowed. Online sessions really work and takes less time out of your day. All of which is important."
Claire J.
"I have a specific health condition that means I need to keep my spine as mobile as possible. These online classes ensure that I can maintain my flexibility and strength in the comfort of my own home. Thank you Trish & Ryan."
Debbie G.
"Gyms are not for me and large classes where you either keep up or fall behind are the greatest frustration. First I enjoyed the style then realised it was working as I found muscles I had forgotten. Now I am walking taller and use the techniques in my daily life."
Christine M.

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